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Hands Down Before He Was Big Texas, He Was Zac The Snack PackBianca Brannen Knows Time Mostly Heals All Wounds Including Those Your Once Loved Ones Might Have Unintentionally Given You Those Just Take Longer She Thinks She S Ready When A Call Has Her Walking Back Into Her Old Friend S Life Or At Least As Prepared As Possible To See The Starting Quarterback In The National Football Organization Before The Lights, The Fans, And The Millions, He D Been A Skinny Kid With A Heart Of Gold Waltzing Out Of Zac Travis S Life Should Be Easy Just As Easy As He Walked Out Of Hers

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    3.75 StarsThis was my ninth read from Mariana Zapata and, unsurprisingly, I enjoyed it In fact, here was my status update at 46% throughI m smiling like a jackass as I read this right

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    This book is gold I had the biggest smile on my face the entire time I read it.

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    4 Stars Where do I even start I ve been wanting a book about Zac ever since I ve read and re read The wall of Winnipeg too many times to count Overall I m happy to have read this story but to be completel

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    3.25 starsever since i read wall of winnipeg and we were introduced to Zac, i humbly proclaimed him as the chosen one i knew i just knew that he was gonna be a future MZ hero so i was so excited to read this.though

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    Zac and Bianca were adorable Reading about them made my heart so happy They have such a wholesome reunited friends to lovers romance And I LOVED that Bianca is a famous youtuber I don t think I ve read that in a romance befo

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    I somehow knew this was coming.My last MZ book was a 5 star, going by my track record, this one was destined to be just an ok read for me.I have a couple thoughts about this book, but I ll wait a few days until I know what I want to b

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    5 starsI loved it so much 5 starsI loved it so much

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    Choo choo sound of disappointment train mixes with extremely mad red woman s screams yes, it s me or Jessica Chastain who plays my character You may ask the same question after reading this book what was dear Zapata s editor thinking And why the hell dea

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    3.5 stars This book contained,68 kiddo80 darlin 14 honey10 little Texas57 peeweeAnd those numbers are accurate, So don t yell at me for not remembering the heroine s name, okay Now despite how frustrated I was with all those nicknames specially that kiddo thing th

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    This review has been hidden because it contains spoilers To view it, click here I could dismiss the fact that nothing happens in this book if I cared about either of the characters Zac is flat and Bianca is exhausting But by the time they kiss, I wish they didn t because th

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