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November Volume I In This New Sequence Of Three Graphic Novellas By MATT FRACTION And ELSA CHARRETIER With Colors By MATT HOLLINGSWORTH And Exquisitely Crafted Lettering By Cartoonist KURT ANKENY, NOVEMBER Follows The Lives Of Three Women Intersecting In A Dark Criminal Underground As Fire And Violence Tears Through Their City On A Single Day And Night, They Discover Their Lives Are Bound Together By A Mysterious Man That Seems To Be The Cause Of It AllOne Night One City Three Women NOVEMBER

About the Author: Matt Fraction

Alex Pham Los Angeles Times.

10 thoughts on “November Volume I

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    I was so disappointed in this I typically love Fraction s writing but this was incomprehensible Each issue switches to a different character that doesn t fit together until almost the end of the arc The storytelling is disjointed and confusing The cover blurb makes note of th

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    I m not positive I know what the hell is going on, but I m here for it Volume 2, please

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    My normal problem with Matt Fraction books is that they can be so preoccupied with the smart pitch, the cool ideas and the nice moments that they don t quite work as stories Whereas with this one, I don t remotely get yet where it s aimed or what it s trying to do, but I m intrigued Elsa C

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    Not sure I have any idea what the hell was going on here But I liked it.

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    I think this is a situation where I ll enjoy the work as a complete whole much than I will enjoy the individual pieces There were some interesting ideas here, but it would be just as easy for them to end up being poorly resolved as it would for them to be genius and, unfortunately, this volume doesn t

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    Well, MaybeThis is Volume 1 of a planned three volume set It comprises three vignettes featuring three different characters, with a promise that over the course of the series the plot and the characters connections will become clear.Sometimes with projects like this the art or the writing or the overall vibe i

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    I realized last night I could walk all day long in any direction and I d still be here Somewhere In this here in this now No matter what And so then, I asked myself, well, if this is all there is is this the best I could do I didn t know what to expect when I first started this but what I know for sure is t

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    A little too weird for its own good, this comic tries hard to be distinctive and mysterious, but just ends up too obtuse Take a girl tasked with reporting from a roof top pigeon shack the results of a puzzle printed daily in the paper she s told it s some kind of entry code Take a woman seemingly kidnapped by the police whe

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    Ahhh, I loved this, I want to read the second part right now I loved the handwritten quality to the type Usually I can t ever read that stuff when its in comics but this did it just right Also did a really good job balancing all of the different story arcs without losing the plot Very, very well done.

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    matt fraction never fails

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