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Redhead by the Side of the Road From The Beloved And Best Selling Anne Tyler, A Sparkling New Novel About Misperception, Second Chances, And The Sometimes Elusive Power Of Human Connection Micah Mortimer Is A Creature Of Habit A Self Employed Tech Expert, Superintendent Of His Balti Apartment Building, Cautious To A Fault Behind The Steering Wheel, He Seems Content Leading A Steady, Circumscribed Life But One Day His Routines Are Blown Apart When His Woman Friend He Refuses To Call Anyone In Her Late Thirties A Girlfriend Tells Him She S Facing Eviction, And A Teenager Shows Up At Micah S Door Claiming To Be His Son These Surprises, And The Ways They Throw Micah S Meticulously Organized Life Off Kilter, Risk Changing Him Forever An Intimate Look Into The Heart And Mind Of A Man Who Finds Those Around Him Just Out Of Reach, And A Funny, Joyful, Deeply Compassionate Story About Seeing The World Through New Eyes, Redhead By The Side Of The Road Is A Triumph, Filled With Anne Tyler S Signature Wit And Gimlet Eyed Observation Reading Anne Tyler is like slipping into comfortable shoes I don t think there s another living writer who captures everyday people in everyday circumstances so well In this book which I won in a Goodreads giveaway, yay , Micah Mortimer is like that annoying cousin you tolerate because he has some redeeming qualities Tracking his journey reminds me about the value of good intentions and second chances Tyler always makes me feel better about the world. As a long time fan of Anne Tyler, I was excited to read an advanced copy of her newest novel which takes us back to her beloved Balti with another quirky character and I wasn t disappointed I couldn t help but root for Micah Mortimer in spite of his idiosyncrasies He has a girlfriend that he can t bring himself to call girlfriend at his age of 44, but a lady friend He has a family filled with sisters and their husbands and children Yet, from the beginning, Micah in his neat, routine filled life seemed to me to be such a lonely man Within the first few pages I thought I knew pretty much everything there was to know about Micah what he looks like, where he lives, what he does for a living, his daily routines, but of course there s to learn about this guy At 44, set in his routines, he really doesn t want a messy life, both literally in how he keeps his basement apartment and in his relationship and in his connections with people including his family It feels as if he s stuck in place, until a young man shows up on his doorstep, thinking that Micah might be his father Is it too late to to realize just how lonely he is and how distant from the people in his life I recommend reading it to see what a wonderful job Tyler does in depicting an everyday life and character and making it feel so important in the landscape of our humanity Tyler is a prolific writer and I was surprised when I looked back to see that including this one, I have read twenty one of her novels over the years I m a fan to say the least and I suspect that other Tyler fans will rejoice with this short but affecting novel While the stories are different, I couldn t help but remember how much I loved some of her earlier books, especially Dinner at the Homesick Restaurant and The Accidental Tourist.I received an advanced copy of this book from Knopf Publishing Group through Edelweiss. The only place I went wrong, he writes, was expecting things to be perfect. I remember being in my early teens in school and our English teacher making us read Anne Tyler s Digging to America I remember rolling my eyes, along with my classmates, because we were forced to read something so insufferably boring about everyday people living their lives and interacting with each other So dull Well, I don t know if it s because I m on my way to becoming a boring old person these days, but I have been wholly charmed by both of the two Tyler books I ve read as an adult.Redhead by the Side of the Road is a little book with a lot of quiet power A novella, I imagine, though I don t know the exact word count It s a book about a middle aged man called Micah Mortimer He s a self employed techie with a business aptly called Tech Hermit He likes order and organization Everything in his house and in his life has its place and each day is part of a strict cleaning schedule Thursday, for example, is kitchen day.Micah exasperates those around him, though he cannot understand their frustration with him Even his somewhat finicky girlfriend is growing tired of all his ways It reminds me of several other books that are intimate character portraits of outsiders who struggle to connect with other humans Eleanor Oliphant Is Completely Fine, A Man Called Ove, for example but this one is subtler and less sensationalist than either of those don t get me wrong, I really loved both those books.It is so tempting to look for hidden messages in books And if this book does indeed have a message, I truly cannot decide if it is a caution against perfectionism and rigidity, or instead an appeal for understanding of those oddballs who have their daily lives planned down to the second The meaning of the title suggests the former and Micah s way of life does hold him back in many ways, but this portrait of him is undeniably a compassionate one Maybe there is no message Just a moving story about a person who marches to his own beat.Facebook Instagram Perception is reality I think that statement is debatable but Tyler s novel is very much about perception and how our reality can change in a second A middle aged man lives his life by adhering to a strict schedule that borders on the ritualistic An event causes him to reassess his life choices with the corresponding discomfort Here, too, Tyler excels at taking the quotidian and turning into to something interesting Deceptively simple, this novel is much than sum of its parts although the ending seemed slight.

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