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You Deserve Each Other Naomi Westfield Has The Perfect Fianc Nicholas Rose Holds Doors Open For Her, Remembers Her Restaurant Orders, And Comes From The Kind Of Upstanding Society Family Any Bride Would Love To Be A Part Of They Never Fight They Re Preparing For Their Lavish Wedding That S Three Months Away And She Is Miserably And Utterly Sick Of HimNaomi Wants Out, But There S A Catch Whoever Ends The Engagement Will Have To Foot The Nonrefundable Wedding Bill When Naomi Discovers That Nicholas, Too, Has Been Feigning Contentment, The Two Of Them Go Head To Head In A Battle Of Pranks, Sabotage, And All Out Emotional WarfareBut With The Countdown Looming To The Wedding That May Or May Not Come To Pass, Naomi Finds Her Resolve Slipping Because Now That They Have Nothing To Lose, They Re Finally Being Themselves And Having Fun With The Last Person They Expect Each OtherWhen Your Nemesis Also Happens To Be Your Fianc , Happily Ever After Becomes A Lot Complicated In This Wickedly Funny, Lovers To Enemies To Lovers Romantic Comedy Debut Four let s make a party to congratulate we have a new evil genius, sarcastic writer in the town who knows how to write a great mean romantic comedy stars I think promoting this book as a great choice for the fans of Hating Games might be wrong Only thing there is similar with Sally Thorne s book is HATING part The characters are not colleagues This is not slow burn enemies to lovers story They re already engaged This could be best defined as friends lovers enemies friends again lovers story Because the chronology of the couple s relationship developed as I summarized At first the book a little irritated me Because both characters acted like spoiled toddlers, immature brats who were evil minds trying so hard to sabotage each other or they were mostly each other s throats Sometimes I wanted to put duct tapes on their mouths and scold them to learn act like real grown ups Let me introduce you Naomi who is about to lose her job, has limited connection with her family She is making A,B,C,D plans for her life but she doesn t get any action And her fianc e, our hero, Nicholas, charming, successful but also a little arrogant, snob, annoying and truly mother s boy Yessss, we had a MOTHER IN LAW ZILLA OR MOMAZILLA ALERT Deborah, the evil queens of mother in laws is quiet mash up of Miranda Presley Meryl Streep s Devil Wears Prada character , Mary Louise Wright Meryl Streep s Big Little Lies character , Eleanor Shaw Meryl Streep s Manchurian Candidate character Okay she s definitely evil version of Meryl Streep SO I was about to give two stars to this book Because first 100 pages I hate the guts of the characters Both of them were definition of shining, rising DOUCHEBAGS I found it ridiculous their decision to stay together If they hated each other so much and said so many things to ruin what they had before, they should take time off or begin to communicate about what s happening to them.Playing games, working on multiple creative pranks might look like fun but they didn t do anything about the elephant in their living room that not only broke all the valuable, fragile things but also is about to destroy their relationship Naomi seemed like too much coward to get an important decision about her life and Nicholas seemed like too stubborn to end things with her But I have to admit, the pranks they ve orchestrated were so entertaining Few pages later you began to root for Nicholas who was really trying to save their relationship Without asking Naomi, buying a new house and making decisions about their lives seemed like a wrong move But later we realized he did the right thing Because he didn t only buy a house, he also bought a place they could become a couple who still love each other and make things work THINGS MADE ME RAISE MY STAR POINTS The second half of the book the couple made peace and realized the reasons why they fell in love with each other and they learned from their mistakes and turned into PARTNERS IN CRIME The part how they met made me smile too much So yes, I had a little bad start but the witty, entertaining writing mesmerized me I laughed so much especially the part Naomi and Nicholas hiding behind the closed door not to invite Deborah inside their house and telling their excuses from alien abduction to Nicholas real identity as Shia LaBeouf I had great time with this debut novel So happy I lately meet with fantastic new writers.Special thanks to Putnam and NetGalley for sharing this amazing ARC COPY with me as exchange my honest review.bloginstagramfacebooktwitter 5 stars You Deserve Each Other is Sarah Hogle s debut novel and it blew me I away I haven t laughed so hard or felt so much while reading in quiet a while Definitely one of the best books I ve read this year Naomi is in a rut She s engaged, but half the time she doesn t even know if she wants to be with her fianc any Too bad the wedding planning is so far along, or else she d probably call it quits Her mother in law to be is a nightmare and she s finding it hard to tell if her fianc even cares Eventually, they get in this war of sorts Pranks ensue and all bets are off And let me tell you, it s a wild ride I m not sure if I ve ever had this much fun reading a book beforeWe already know each others worst We ve battled right through it and come out the other side unbreakable Naomi and Nicholas I couldn t tell you which one I loved At the start of the book I couldn t tell if I would like Nicholas or not but he grew on me and I fell hard Naomi is fierce, strong, and a take no crap heroine Nicholas seems like a weaker hero and a bit of a mama s boy at first, but the second half of the book, boy did he shine He showed Naomi through his actions that she was his priority and I laughed and swooned so hard This story captivated me from the start I love when a book can keep me fully engaged, and this did just that The characters are endearing and their back and forth was top notch Plus, the writing was strong and witty I couldn t put this one down It was emotional, hilarious, sweet, fun, and just everything I wanted This book was truly fantastic and I couldn t have loved it The enemies to lovers, the banter, and the romance sigh It was perfect for me I ll be reading whatever else this author rights I have a feeling that this will be my favorite debut of the year and maybe even my favorite book I give this the highest of 5 stars and can t recommend it enough A second chance lovers to enemies to lovers story about being honest and communicating with your partner when you re in a relationship.I have to be honest here, I really disliked the first half of this book I picked it up for a romantic read for valentines day, but it made me feel bitter and annoyed, and I almost DNFed it multiple times I stuck with it because it had so many glowing reviews, and luckily it did get better in the second half of the book.The reason that I hated the first half of the book was because this couple Naomi and Nick, were in a toxic and dishonest relationship They didn t talk to each other, and there was so much miscommunication, which I hate These people were so childish and mean to each other This was billed as a book to read if you loved The Hating Game, but it actually wasn t that similar at all, it was a lot meaner, and not as fun I didn t like Naomi at all in the first half of the book, and as it s all from her POV, I was stuck in her head, as she didn t explain her feelings to her fianc at all She came across as selfish, petty, paranoid and neurotic, and wouldn t be out of place in a psychological thriller I mean I get it, I do, I ve been in a relationship for over 15 years, and my husband can annoy the shit out of me, for example, he leaves every single cupboard and drawer in the kitchen open, and has his own floordrobe in our bedroomBut Naomi picked apart every single thing that Nick did, and yet didn t confront him about any of it They both bottled up their resentment in such a passive aggressive way, and didn t bother arguing about anything, they just sat there silently seething Also the way that the couple dealt with their resentment was so over the top, plus there was a future mother in law that you will want to drop kick out of an aeroplane.However At about the 50% mark, the book took a turn for the better Once Naomi and Nick started to communicate and be honest about their feelings, they started to remember why they fell in love in the first place I enjoyed the book because we got to see the layers to the characters, and they became less two dimensional and mature As we were given information on both of the character s backgrounds, I could kind of see why they acted in the dysfunctional way they did I liked the way they both started to support each other I liked the way they started to be kind, and show little signs of appreciation, it was cute It developed into something quite emotional and sweet, and I actually began rooting for them as a couple.I thought the commentary on social media was good, and the so called insta perfect couples and love was pretty spot on, as Naomi would post a lovey dovey picture or caption about her relationship, whilst sat ignoring her fianc and plotting his ruin I often read these kind of statuses, and imagine the couple actually sat on opposite ends of the sofa declaring their everlasting love online, but glaring or ignoring each other in real life lol So overall I m not really sure what I feel about You Deserve Each Other, because I both hated and liked it a bit I personally feel that it would have added depth, if we would have had some of Nick s POV, as never really got to see it from his side, just how Naomi perceived things I would say that if you do not like the miscommunication trope, then this probably isn t the book for you But the writing was good, and Sarah Hogle has written a solid debut Many thanks to Edelweiss and Penguin Publishing group for making this digital ARC available for download, in exchange for an hnest opinion.

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