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The Last Dance At The Heart Of A Mystery Unfolding In Space, The Opposing Forces Make A Treacherous Journey Between Earth And Mars.In Space, Mutiny Means Death That S Why Inspector General Park Yerim Is Taking Her Investigation So Seriously The Alleged Mutineer Is Captain Nicolau Aames, Whose Command Of The Massive Earth Mars Vessel Aldrin Has Come Under Fire The Vast System Initiative Says He Disobeyed Orders, But His Crew Swears He S In The Right.En Route To Mars, Park Gathers Testimony From The Aldrin S Diverse Crew, Painting A Complex Picture Of Aames S Character His Heroism, His Failures, Even His Personal Passions As The Investigation Unfolds, Park Finds Herself In The Thrall Of Powerful Interests, Each Pushing And Pulling Her In A Fiery Cosmic Dance.Corruption, Conflicting Loyalties, And Clashing Accounts Make It Nearly Impossible To See The Truth In Fifty Million Miles Of Darkness, And Park Faces Danger From Every Direction All Eyes Are On Her One Way Or Another, Her Findings Will Have Astronomical Implications For The Aldrin And The Future Of Space Travel.

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    Review of Kindle editionPublication date November 1, 2019Publisher 47NorthLanguage EnglishASIN B07KS83CGJ456 pagesThis novel is hard sci fi similar to that which I used to read in the 1960 s and 70 s Rather than very distant future science, the technical details are based on logical advances in current science, particularly some work by famous astronaut Buzz Aldrin Even with

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    A story set in a future very close at hand In the expanse between Earth and Mars is an expanding technological vessel, Aldrin, composed of tubes, spokes, and artificial gravity that is hanging together based on the brains, brawn, bravery and shear tenacity of the engineers, technicians and support personnel who keep everything working according to plan This entire complex is also

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    An excellent novel I got it absolutely by chance as it featured in the prime email with the selection for the beginning of the month free prime book which I generally ignore as I already have enough books on deck so to speak , but the title, synopsis, and cover of this one attracted my attention and then I saw some very enthusiastic reviews, so I decided to give it a try and while the

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    I m not a regular reader of science fiction but what I m looking for when I do read it is to encounter imagination, entertainment and hopefully if I m lucky to gain a little knowledge On all three counts Martin L Shoemaker has succeeded here Reading from the author s notes and biography it is clear that he is well versed on the mechanics and requirements of space travel to Mars, indeed he des

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    Good Reading I enjoyed this book The author did an excellent job of creating characters whose stories came to life via an effective combination of introspective thoughts, off the record conversations and formal depositions.The setting of the Express train between Earth and Mars was described in the very first chapter showing where this was based on astronaut Buzz Aldrin s plan Cyclic Trajectory Con

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    This is a sci fi novel It narrates the investigation followed by a military inspector about mutiny in a sort of a big spaceship around 2080 Through the log of the investigation, one discovers the personality of the Captain that was leading the vessel at the time.The story is interesting, but the narrative is irregular The preface tells the idea of the vessel a Martian Cycler Which is quite interesting pe

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    This was one of the most unique science fiction books I have read lately It is reminiscent of some older Asimov sci fi mysteries, modernized both in terms of science and sophisticated in terms of society Well rooted in science and a realistic space faring period, it avoids entirely some semi magical late breaking scientific solution, and instead develops characters deeply and generally realistically I might a

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    Can t fault itThere is no single flaw in any part of this book It s a very complex story, perfectly executed.Stupid people won t like it, but they don t generally read science fiction to start with.That the characters are as well drawn as the science is clearly explained may be its only drawback This is the work of a person who understands people Of all the current and past science fiction authors of whom I am aware

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    Good story but structural flaws bugged me.Every chapter begins from the perspective of a character as if they are sharing their experience verbally but the writing style does not support this It jumps to omniscient 3rd person and each character sounds just like the last So for the first page or 2 of each chapter I struggled with willing suspension It really got in the way of a fluid read Also every character male, female,

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    A Hybrid Science Fiction Mystery Novel set aboard a vessel which is as much a city as it is a ship.N.C.I.S In Space Space Pace Ace Sort of, in a way, if you close one eye and look at it sideways For I.G Park Yergim the case begins with an order to catch a shuttle in seven minutes to take her to the I.S Aldrin to investigate the charge of mutiny against the Captain and crew of that vessel and render her verdict Unfortunately, ev

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