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The Patient A Therapist Must Face Her Own Worst Fear One Of Her Patients Is A Serial KillerDani Rycroft Suspects Someone Close To Her Has A Dark Secret In The Confidential Setting Of Therapy, Her Patients Share Their Anxieties And Fears Now, With A String Of Murders In Town Putting Her On Edge, Dani S Own Worries Come Close To Eclipsing Her Patients In Each Case, The Pattern Is The Same Parents Killed While Their Children Sleep Blissfully Unaware In Their Beds Her Best Friend, Detective Tami Sloan, Is The Only Person She Has Confided InDani Believes That There S Still A Secret One Patient Has Yet To Share But Which One Behind A Familiar Face Is A Stranger Who Ll Do Anything To Hide Their Worst Compulsions The Anxiety Brings Dani To Her Own Therapist S Office, Seeking Counsel And Comfort But What Is She Willing To Risk, And How Much Closer Must She Get, To Stop Them Simply existing wasn t enough for me In order to live life the way it was meant to be experienced, I had to push past my own boundaries and embrace every adventure that came my way Wow I was hooked from that paragraph Dr Danielle is a therapist with three different patients, each vastly different All while Dr D feels one of her patients is stalking her Not giving any spoilers, but I loved it I was intrigued by the therapy sessions and the Alice in Wonderland backstory A different kind of book for Steena Holmes but I like this style 3.25 so sorry but you gave so much clue from the beginning so I didn t enjoy the final surprise because I already found it which puts me in the minority group of readers who don t like the book so much stars Reading too much surprising, twisted, whodunit, Oh no I didn t see this coming books made me suspicious person who sleeps one eye open and love to finish puzzles, guessing unconventional, unforeseeable endings of the books or movies When I told my friends, I think Bruce Willis was dead at the tenth minute of Sixth Sense, they threw me out from the theater In this case, this book has a big final twist most of my friends didn t see it coming but I felt its moves from the first steps because in my opinion the author gave us too many details to solve the puzzle and get the clues So when you realize what s going on at the beginning, it s so boring to read 300 pages Can you imagine to know how the Lost series end and you keep watching them Of course not, because that s the worst ending on television history At least this book s ending is predictable but also good Oh come on There are too many thriller fishes on the sea so you want to keep catching them Only one sentence at the end intrigued me so I add 0.25 points As a result, there is so hard to connect with the characters but you ll understand the reason again at the ending why the characters acted like something completely wrong with them I m not gonna spill the beans When I was little, I hid my siblings Agatha Christie books I read all of them and wrote who the murderers were at the middle pages of the books with my devilish red pen and returned them back You may guess my siblings still plan my murder But they didn t succeed, yet Ha ha ha So I don t want my GR friends hold grudge against me and plot my murder,too I have to be fair, the writing was smart but also a little complicated with too many POVS and emotional turmoil The author chose a hard plot and throughout the development process she might have had real difficulties Because the story has too many mismatched puzzle parts But I still appreciate the effort and I m curious to read the other books of the writer Because you may sense she s still gifted And most of the readers enjoyed this book Unfortunately it doesn t work for me Still keep my hopes up to start my new thriller And speech part Special thanks to Lake Union Publishing and NetGalley to send me ARCCOPY in exchange my honest review Special thanks to the author and NetGalley for providing me with a free, electronic ARC of this novel in exchange for an honest review Publication date October 15, 2019 Dani Rycroft s small, idyllic town is rocked by grievous and grotesque murders parents are being bludgeoned in their homes while their unsuspecting children sleep Although she is faced with fear and anxiety herself, Dani continues to find solace in the treatment of her patients Ella, Savannah and Tyler all dealing with tragic pasts and seeking to overcome their histories Through her treatments, Dani hopes to be able to help them cope However, she soon starts receiving ominous notes indicating that one of her patients is a murderer but which one Steena Holmes returns with an entirely new novel, one that is new not only in its release date but also because it is out of the author s usual scope and genre A psychological suspense novel is not the norm for Steena Holmes, but it happens to be one of my favourite genres, so I was eager for a chance to read The Patient The novel starts off in the quaint town that is based on Alice in Wonderland by Lewis Carroll, with Red Queen gardens and Cheshire Cat coffee shops Perfect for our Alice obsessed protagonist, Dani, she seeks to live a quiet, and mostly solitary life, with just her patients and two close friends for company Dani is book obsessed, quiet, introverted and a hater of all social situationsladies and gentlemen, I have found my kindredand based on that it was easy for me to form a quick bond with her Right away, when we are introduced to her clients through her sessions, we know that something is off with them I started thinking one way about the outcome of the plot, but I knew there had to be something to it, as that is how these books are written And of course, I was right A hard core and long term fan of this genre, I was able to predict the outcome of this novel at about the halfway point Somehow though, this did not make the novel any less enjoyable as I still wanted to see how it played out and it has the psychological factor that just sucked me in The novel was entertaining to read and checked all of my psychological suspense boxes Although I predicted the outcome, I still found I had a soft spot for Dani and her clients The ending line of the novel will leave you gasping for , and I really hope that future novels about Dani are upcoming Holmes introduction to the genre is a powerful and gritty read and if she continues to delve into this genre, she will only develop her skill I look forward to future books about Dani, and her crazy Alice filled world. SERIAL KILLERDr Danielle Rycroft suspects one of her therapy patients is a serial killer in an intense psychological thriller that will blow your mind.WILD RIDE I d initially found the patient sessions completely inauthentic, based on my past experience as a psychotherapist I also disliked all of the characters with their irritating emotional wounds But I hung in and I m glad I did because the plot explodes, explaining these failings in a way that will gobsmack you I won t reveal details You ll just have to take the wild ride with THE PATIENT yourself Thanks to Steena Holmes, Lake Union Publishing and NetGalley for the review copy Opinions are mine.Pub Date 15 Oct 2019 ThePatient NetGalley

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